About Steve

Hey, I'm Steve, founder of iFitness, Cornwall. I have been working in the health and fitness industry since 2003. I help clients improve their physical and mental fitness at my Personal Training Studio in Falmouth. 

As well my fitness and main priority of being a good dad, my hobbies include travelling, kayaking, football, golf and coastal walks.

I enjoy and am experienced in delivering personal training sessions for a wide range of clients. 

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My Story

My experiences in health and fitness started at a young age.  I was a keen footballer and represented  Cornwall school boys and Plymouth Argyle through the age groups.  As well as my football I enjoyed rugby, cricket, tennis and athletics at school. I wouldn't call myself a natural sportsman - I had to work hard to achieve what I did. My strength at the time was my speed - whether on the wing in football, rugby or fast bowling at cricket.  Once I reached Falmouth sixth form and realised I wasn't going to become a professional footballer I I decided I would get my A levels and go to University to study Sports Science. This led me to the University of Gloucestershire between 2000-2003 and subsequently to Cyprus in 2004 where I studied for a Personal Training and Sports Therapy diploma.

My work career started almost immediately after returning from Cyprus in a temporary Sports Development post at what was then called Falmouth of arts. This then led me to become the Sports Centre Manager of the new University campus at Tremough. I stayed in this post until 2011 when I decided to set up iFitness Cornwall. Since setting up in 2011 I have worked my way to owning my own studio which reflects my own unique style of coaching. My values are based on my own experiences I have learnt in the industry (some good, some bad!) and how I can best apply this principles to helping clients achieve their goals. For a more in-depth look at my areas of expertise click here.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.