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Corporate Wellness 

At I Fitness, we take care of your most important business asset, the people in your business. Having a Corporate Wellbeing Programme can also help decrease staff sickness and improve morale.

It's simple and cost effective to set-up a corporate gym membership scheme. We’ll make the experience hassle-free and tell you about the various options we have to make the corporate membership scheme more affordable, whether your company is big or small.


Services you can choose to receive can include:


Personal Training for your staff. These sessions can take place at The Riverside Suite at Waterside House, Penryn or from your workplace.

·         Gym Memberships

·         Fitness Classes

·         Yoga

·         Pilates

·         Sports Massage

·         Flexible benefits

·         Wide range of health services

·         Free Health MOT for your employees.


More than just a corporate gym membership

We offer a wide spectrum of health services, so your staff can get access to health assessmentssports massage, private hospital services and much more, including health events for your employees. We also offer all your employees a free Health MOT which is a comprehensive 60 minute health evaluation delivered by a wellbeing advisor.

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